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Rapid Mixer Granulator

rapid mixer granulator manufacturer
Our rapid mixer granulator designed to achieve fast dry mixing, homogeneous binder distribution and making wet granules in the same bowl. The machine performs mixing and granulation with the help of specially designed mixing bowl, dual speed main impeller, 4 blade chopper very precisely and effectively which leads to faster tableting speeds with improved quality and least rejections. All contact parts made from ss316 / ss304 grade and entire machine designed to confirm cgmp standards. The entire process is fully closed, safe, dust free and automatically discharges the materials.
Salient Features :
Specially designed plain mixing bowl provided with counter-balanced lid, vents,view-ports and charging hole.
Main impeller consists of dual speed 750/1500 tefc motor coupled with drive mechanism which facilitates inside wash
  Facility for quick change-over and also prevents powder leakage from bottom.
The chopper drive of the rapid mixer granulator consists of dual speed (1440/2800 synchronous speed) tefc motor. The
Motor shaft is of s. S. And the chopper has specially designed 4 blade s. S. Impeller. The shaft is integral with the
  motor. The assembly in the rapid mixer granulator is mounted horizontally into the bowl.
Discharge port will be provided with pneumatic cylinder. (directly coupled with discharge plug) discharge port provided
  with 3 position solenoid valve to open and close at desired levels, thereby regulating the discharge and preventing
  discharge of large lumps.
Internal surface of all the vessels will be ground and polished to mirror finish.
Mounting structure fabricated of rigid square pipes of M. S. Cladded with SS dimpled sheet & polished to matt surface
Control Panel :
Panel board is fabricated from ss304 sheet. The same can be provided as electrical or PLC based operation.
Panel board consists of Relays, Motor Starter, Indicating Lamp, Ammeter / Voltmeter for both Motors, Push Buttons,
controls for discharge! opening, etc.
Digital timer can be provided. (Optional)
Safety Features :
Limit switches are provided on main lid and discharge valve interlocked with control panel for safe operation.
Equipment air and purging air control via differential air switches.
Optional :
Flameproof Motor with FLP push button and flameproof control panel.
Bowl can be provided with water jacket and temperature sensor for product. (as per application)
Pneumatic system for opening/closing of bowl lid can also be provided.
A. C. Frequency drive for speed variation of main impeller motor & chopper motor.
Tri-clover ended connection on top lid for fitting of spray ball for inbuilt cleaning and spray nozzle for spraying of binder.
wet mill at discharge valve.
Note :
For RMG-25, Which is a lab model - Working Platform, Stair-case and Railing is not provided. The operators can access the machine from the ground level of the machine. Also the entire mounting is covered with S. S.
Technical Specifications :
Rapid Mixer Granulator Technical Specifications
MODEL CPM25 CPM50 CPM100 CPM150 CPM300 CPM400 CPM600 CPM750 CPM900 CPM1200
Gross Cap. (ltrs) 25 50 100 150 300 400 600 750 900 1200
Working Cap. (ltrs) 17 35 80 120 240 320 480 600 720 900
Main Motor (H.P.) 3/5 5/7.5 7.5/10 10/15 20/30 30/40 40/50 40/50 40/50 50/60
Chopper Motor (H.P.) 1/1.5 1/1.5 2/3 3/5 3/5 5/7.5 5/7.5 5/7.5 5/7.5 7.5/10
Width mm 1000 1050 1800 1800 2150 2400 2650 2700 2700 2800
Length mm 1450 1700 2600 2600 2850 3000 3150 3200 3200 3500
Height (h1) mm 1350 1400 1800 1800 2150 2200 2500 2600 2700 2800
Height With Lid (h2) mm 1600 1700 2500 2500 3050 3150 3500 3700 3800 3900
Weight kg 900 1000 1500 1700 2200 2400 2800 3300 3500 4000