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Coating Pan

Coating Pan
GPM's Coating Pan is extensively used for sugar and film coating of tablets, pallets and granules. The unit comprises of ellipsoidal shaped pan fabricated using stainless steel material and mounted on the gear box shaft which is driven by prime mover. These tablet coating pans are available in standard and GMP model with SS316 or SS304 contact parts.
Salient Features :
The coating pan is made up of stainless steel semi-ellipsoidal size pan with a circular mouth for loading & unloading of
  tablets. Baffles are provided inside the vessel.
The pan will be mounted on sturdy frame made up of MS angles cladded with SS sheet at an angle of 45° from base.
The drive of the coating pan consists of suitable HP, 3 Phase, 440 Volt, 1440 RPM TEFC motor with suitable worm
reduction gear box and cone pulley arrangement to give three speed output.
The unit will be provided with a hot air blower consisting of suitable HP, 3 Phase, 440 Volt, 2880 RPM TEFC motor &
  centrifugal blower with damper delivering required CFM. The air is heated by means of electric heater to give air 30° to
  90°C. Heaters are provided with thermostat controller and flexible hose pipe.
Control panel with starter and push button to operate the drive and blower. The circuit consists of MCCB's, relays and
  contactors in series.
The gear box and motor will be housed inside the sturdy frame for the protection of drives and personnel.
All the joints are argon welded, grounded and finished to the pharmaceutical grade.
Optional :
Flame-Proof motor with Flame-Proof ON-OFF Push Buttons.
Steam heating for blower.
Capacity Size :
From 8.0 Kg to 275.0 Kg of tablet can be coated with following sizes of diameter of pan 012", 024", 036", 048,060" and