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V Blender

V Blender
GMP's "V" Blenders that are suitable for mixing of solid-solid or solid with liquid (Maximum 10%) in powder or granulated form. The mixer has a "V" shaped body held by two horizontal half shafts and bearing blocks mounted on a sturdy tubular structure. These blenders offer homogeneous blending with low shear blending action that prevents excessive fines or changes to particle shape and size.
Salient Features :
Available in GMP and Non-GMP model.
All Contact Parts are made up of S.S. 316 and Non-Contact Parts are made-up of S.S. 304 / M.S. material.
The vessel has opening at two ends with covers and outlet butterfly.
The vessel is driven with the help of a worm reduction gearbox coupled to an electric motor. valve for discharge.
The machine is provided with control panel board and safety railing.
It allows smooth mixing without deforming the particles or a strong mixing by breaking the lumps with low energy
Automatic discharge by gravity.
All joint are welded, ground and polished to mirror finish from inside and matt finish from outside.
Optional :
Flame-Proof motor with Flame-Proof ON-OFF Push Buttons.
PLC with MMI and VFD can also be provided.
Capacity Size :
Available with working capacity of 30 Ltrs., 55 Ltrs., 110 Ltrs., 280 Ltrs., 560 Ltrs., 1200 Ltrs.