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Starch Paste Kettle

Starch Paste Kettle
GMP's Starch Paste Kettle is a specially designed unit for application in pharmaceutical processing units for preparation of binder materials which are highly used in medicines. Hemispherical shaped bowl ensures that the heating of the starch paste is uniform and gets more surface area. The tilting type arrangement ensures ease in unloading the paste into any container or vessel. The bowl assembly is mounted on the SS square pipe structure, which will be an independent rest type frame work where no foundation will be required.
Functions :
The starch is put in the kettle and water is added till desired thickness is achieved. The kettle is jacketed and is heated till the starch melts and a thick paste is achieved. This paste can be agitated with the help of motor operated anchor type agitator which will constantly stir the paste so that there will no lumps formation and proper mixing is achieved. Temperature can be set to desired temperature by adjusting the thermostat provided
Salient Features :
All contact part made-up of SS 316 as per GMP standard.
Hemispherical bowl & anchor type impeller design for proper mixing of paste.
Jacket provided with steam / electrical /thermic fluid heating arrangement. Driven via motor and gear box assembly
  mounted on top.
On top of the vessel, spout is provided for pouring out binder mass.
Tilting arrangement for kettle is provided for discharge for starch paste.
Heating insulation provided to avoid heat loss.
Safe earthing system.
Capacity Size :
Available from 10 Ltrs. to 2000 Ltrs.